We are introducing special discounted rates on rebuilds for institutions (schools, colleges and academies). 

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Welcome to Ackroyd Pianos - london

The workshop is now based in Hampstead Heath, London, 3 mins walk from Hampstead Heath Station.

Ackroyd Pianos provides a service which presents honest, straightforward advice, whether you are a professional musician, student, enthusiastic amateur or a beginner. 

Our technicians have decades of experience and work for major music conservatoires, piano manufacturers and concert pianists - all demanding the highest standards of work.

We also sell high quality pianos, so if you are on the look-out for an instrument that will serve you well for many years please contact us and we will be pleased to help. 

You can be assured of meticulous attention to detail by skilled craftsmen in all the work we undertake.

PIANOS WANTED: We offer very good prices for Steinway and Yamaha grand pianos


We are authorised suppliers and fitters of the Piano Life Saver system. This system controls the humidity and temperature of the immediate environment around the piano all year round. 

The system will stabilised the regulation of the action, protect from drying out of the soundboard and all other parts and it will help to keep the piano in tune for longer. It is an overall good investment for protecting your piano!

Follow the link above for more details or contact us for details and booking an installation.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music
— Aldous Huxley (English writer)