Steinway model 'A' restoration

This client restoration is a 1925 Steinway model A grand which has been fully restored in our workshops.

It's had a brand new soundboard & bridges fitted, new wrest plank (tuning plank / pin block), casework restoration, new action and keyboard restored with new white key tops and solid ebony sharps.

All work is carried out in our workshops in the UK, except for black polyester case finishing which is usually done by our expert contractor in Germany, which results in a first class factory finish.

See pictures below of part of the restoration process.

Before and after pictures below

Soundboard decal fitted as original would have been. 

Prior to damper and action installation

Key frame prior to cleaning and fitting new felts

Key frame after restoration. fitting new top action

Badly split soundboard, corroded strings, broken bridges and ingrained dirt

Moth eaten felts

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