Institutional piano rebuilds -

Music colleges, universities, recording studios, schools and music venues

These are some of the clients that are eligible to join our discount scheme. 

We have some major clients on our scheme and if you would like to make further enquires about how to join, please get in touch.

Proper piano care and maintenance is a huge problem throughout the education system and entertainment business; the problem is not just to find skilled technicians to undertake the work properly but also to find a service which is priced fairly and give final results that are set at the highest standard.

This scheme is geared primarily towards institutions and music venues; we provide a package that covers materials, labour and transportation costs at a 15% discount. All the work is carried out by our own highly skilled and experienced technicians that have gained over 25 years experience each - none of our work is outsourced (except casework re-polishing to our trusted craftsmen).

We have a huge understanding of institutional work and the rigours that pianos go through in these environments so we provide three option levels which can be tailored to each piano's individual requirement:

Option 1. 

  1. Top two sections of piano (high tenor and treble) re-stringing - this is the most vulnerable area for string breakages

  2. New hammers and shank assembly fitted

  3. Keyboard re-bushing

  4. Damper sockets re-felted and split wedge damper felts replaced where necessary

  5. Action regulation, voicing and tuning of piano

  6. Overhaul of pedal mechanism and lyre

  7. Transportation of piano

Option 2. (All of the above with the addition of):

  1. Fitting of new action

  2. Full re-stringing (inc. new bass strings and wrest pins)

  3. New set of damper felts

Option 3. 

  1. Full rebuild including casework re-polish and plate (iron frame) re-gilding

For further information about this scheme please call or email