Steinway model 'C' restoration

We were commissioned to restore this vintage 1904 Steinway model C grand but to keep as much original as possible, so the piano underwent a sympathetic restoration. The casework was cleaned and revived instead of re-polished and so too the plate (cast frame). It was fitted with a new action and had a full internal rebuild including extensive soundboard repairs. 

Note the new soundboard decal which was made and fitted exactly as the original.

Please scroll through the pictures to see before and after restoration; starting with the completed work.

Piano fully strung and awaiting damper installation and voicing

Piano fully strung and tensioned up; ready for damper installation.

Soundboard repaired, new decal fitted (as original) and re-polished. Re-nickel plated bolts being fitted and plate dressed with new felts.

Soundboard varnish being removed after extensive repairs to the board. The original soundboard was kept on this piano to preserve the sound that the client wanted.

Before restoration. Piano is looking and sounding very tired.

Piano standing in a storage warehouse before being delivered to the workshops

Rust and moth abound inside the piano; this is just before the piano was stripped down.

A lot of the original ivories were missing and the others were loose, so the keyboard was restored using a more modern Steinway key covering. Bone covering can be supplied but at considerably more cost.

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