STEINWAY MODEL B (1963) Black high polish

This Steinway has recently left our workshops after having a full restoration.

The following pictures show part of the restoration process; the casework has also been re-polished in high gloss black to factory quality finish.

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The completed piano

New action fitted to re-covered keys - prior to key wood cleaning

Key height set and keys levelled. New S&S key tops including new solid ebony sharps.

Plate (frame) prior to restoration

The plate after application of primer and hours of sanding / smoothing. Note the hitch pins are masked to protect them from over-spray

Completed plate with Steinway specification gild top coat; the plate is dressed with new felts, new brass Agraffe studs and re-lettered

This Steinway has been fitted with new plate bolts.

Preparing for the old soundboard varnish to be removed, prior to main lid being removed

Bare soundboard - after old varnish removal

Soundboard with final coat of varnish prior to burnishing

Soundboard varnish cut back with progressively finer grades of wet n' dry paper and then further cut-in with 3 grades of burnishing and polishing creams to give a beautiful flat, smooth and shiny finish

The completed piano

Final quality inspection prior to its delivery to the client

Steinway model B plate restored, re-gilded, re-lettered, re-felted, new Agraffe studs fitted - and all ready to be reinstalled back into the piano!

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