We are authorised suppliers and installers of the Piano Life Saver system. This system automatically controls the humidity and temperature of the environment inside the piano all year round and has proven results. Recommended for all environments, including those with central heating, underfloor heating, summertime humidity, winter time dryness, damp environments etc.

The system will stabilise the regulation of the action, protect from any drying out (or saturation) of the soundboard and all other parts, stabilise the voicing and it will help to keep the piano in tune for longer. It is an overall excellent investment for protecting your piano!

The system isn’t designed to substitute regular maintenance and tuning of your piano, but rather to compliment the touch and tone in-between times and prevent damage.

Follow the link above for more details and contact us for details and booking an installation.


This should be done at least twice yearly but is very dependent on the environment in which the piano is kept. If your piano is housed in a stable environment, it is likely to stay in tune far longer. A good tuner is worth their weight in gold; it is rare to find someone who is able to tune quickly and accurately in addition to laying a solid tuning that withstands the rigours of intense performance, competitions and recordings etc. Concert tuning is usually undertaken before each performance, likewise with recordings.

Area covered for tunings: London and South East England only



A minor service is usually required once a year (tweaking of action regulation, refining voicing and cleaning inside and out). A full service can take one to two days, depending on the extent of work needed; this usually involves re-shaping the hammers to restore them to their correct shape for best tone as well as action regulation, dry lubrication of friction points, voicing the piano, cleaning the piano and tuning.

Areas covered for servicing: London, South of England and Midlands


This can be anything from fitting a new set of hammers (and associated work) to full restoration of your piano. More detail on this can be seen in the other pages of this site.

Areas covered for restoration: Whole of UK and Europe

Jig for making hammer tails

Hammer tailing in progress

This set of new hammers is being custom tailed for a special job (note the hammers in the foreground prior to tailing)


Custom made / bespoke piano music desks

We make custom music desks (such as the one above) for your piano.

The advantage is that the square holes allow the sound to be better projected without removing the desk; it makes a big difference to the pianist's impression of tone compared to using a standard solid desk, which tends to act as a sound screen.

The original desk is always kept (for re-fitting) in case you sell your piano.

Preparing for re-stringing!